The place you’ve always dreamed of

      City , town – went to hell , I want the beach. But not simple, but in order to consummate , and no people ! And found such Negros ) about him a little information to get him hard , but worth it . So, Sipalay !       Really easy […]

Provincial walks. Cambodia

  In my opinion, to get a full impression of the country, having been only in the tourist centers, it is impossible. Therefore, the best solution – to go to places where there is not a lot of tourists, but having the infrastructure for tourists (to live in a tent or in the homes of […]

Crazy friday

I think almost all seen on television crazy lines and equally crazy races shopping with a view to amass a bunch of clothes, but not even imagine where it is and what it is , know – it «Black Friday» in the United States. “Diary of a Shopaholic ” 5 Best Shopping Avenue I’ll tell […]

Amsterdam. How to save money

      I want to give some advice amsterdam tourist. 1. At least one day walk through the city on foot. Then take a rental bike. It will cost 10-15-20 euros per day , depending on the company. Using public transport expensive and impractical. Infrastructure bicycle paths , traffic lights are very well developed. […]

Cyprus.The jewel of the Mediterranean

         Cyprus – an island nation located in the island of the same name in the eastern Mediterranean. The island is 9251 km2. In 1974 Turkey invaded northern Cyprus, and since that time the island is divided into the Turkish- Cypriot ( TRNC ) and Greek Cypriot part ( Cyprus) . City […]