Cruises From Valencia

The Valencia region’s five ports are among the important in Spain and are run jointly by the central and regional governments, with private sector involvement in their management.

The Port of Valencia serves as Madrid’s natural port and channels twenty per cent of all Spanish exports, making it the largest container port in the country. Logistical activity zones have been established nearby, a facility that the Port of Barcelona, for example, lacks.

Ports are no longer places to pass through, as the merchandise stays and has value added even in these zones. As a reward to companies in the port that offer consistent quality to customers, it extends the prestigious quality guarantee “Marca de Garantía”. To date, over 100 companies have received this award in recognition of the quality of service that they offer.

As recently as a decade ago, Barcelona had a port that was four times the size of Valencia.Valencia’s extraordinary recent growth is down to two factors. First, the port has been successful in catering to the needs of the region’s small-and medium-sized businesses. There are thousands of small businesses and they add up to a critical mass that is important to the shipping industry.Second, the relationship between Madrid and Valencia has improved.

Valencia exports, Madrid imports, and together they complement each other so that the port is very efficient for ships, since they deliver and pick up goods there.

Cruises from Valencia are also available as the port is now able to accommodate large cruise ships. Pullmantur Cruises has just announced two and five night all inclusive cruise itineraries starting from April 2009.

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