New York City Attractions

No wonder there is so much to see in New York City. Not just the people but all of the attractions that go along with New York City and there are many. In this article, we tried to jam this article with as many attractions as you can experience in New York and believe us when we say there are a ton!

Statue of Liberty is, of course, the main attraction everyone looks for. A gift from France, it symbolizes democracy and prosperity and as a welcoming symbol to all those who wash upon its shores. If given the chance you will want to spend time on Ellis Island where the statue is located.

The Empire State Building, being the eighth wonder of the world, is something always spectacular to see. Known around the world, it is a tourist hotspot.

Central Park is often another romanticized place in New York. Free for everyone, it has things to do like: ice rinks for those who want to skate, theatres, baseball fields and a host of other sporting events.

The New York Marathon through the five boroughs is another engaging event not to miss.

Madison Square Garden hosts plenty of events from world concerts to theatrical acts to sporting events.

New York Yankee Stadium, just rebuilt brand new, is the stadium of the century, and all new grandstands, new menus, and new seating. If you like baseball you will never leave.

Wall Street is an attraction that everyone cannot live without, having chance to take a tour and experience in the markets first hand.

Broadway, the entertainment of the world comes alive right here. There are so many shows to experience both off and on Broadway.

Endless numbers of Boutiques and shops galore not to mention a vast array of shopping on Fifth Avenue, an experience you will not forget.

So, if you travel to New York City, enjoy!

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NYC is a great cite and in every season although in summer I like it better!

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