Holidays in Valencia

Holidays in Valencia

Valencia Plaza
Valencia Plaza

Tourism plays an important role in the Spanish economy. Spain is in the second position, after the United States, in the tourist income ranking and it is the third most visited country, after France and United States, with 52 million tourists per year.

In the last few years there has been a massive amount of tourists interested in visiting one particular city of Spain; Valencia. Why are these tourists so interested in a Valencia holiday? Valencia (3rd largest city of Spain) averages 300 sunny days a year, there is a rich gastronomic cultural offering (birthplace of paella), it offers a wide variety of landscapes (perfect place for mountaineering or snorkeling) and a big variety of activities and opportunities for all different tastes, ages and budgets.

Now there are an increasing number of low cost flight companies for your holiday in Valencia such as EasyJet and Ryanair that connects the city with many other European cities. There is also now a direct flight between the city of Valencia and the United States (New York – Valencia) operated by Delta. You also have even more flight options if you go to Alicante Airport (one and a half hours drive from Valencia).

Valencia has a beautiful old quarter called Barrio del Carmen where you can find a strange combination of traditional and modern. It never runs out of places for you to go, between restaurants, nightclubs (some of best night life is here), theaters, cinemas or modern clothes shops.

Few other European cities can offer such a varied assortment of fascinating attractions such as the World-Class Golf or the international yachting event the 32nd Americas cup, held in 2007. Also to be held the 33rd Americas Cup in 2010 although no less important is the European Grand Prix which is held on a new street circuit around the city since August 2008 (same as Monaco!).

The architect Santiago Calatrava designed the futuristic City of the Arts and Sciences in Valencia, which has made this city even more popular as it attracts a large audience every year. This stunning complex, contains a museum, theater, gardens and an aquarium (largest in Europe), and has put the city on the preferred destination for modern architecture lovers.

There is a big festival in March that you cannot miss; Las Fallas. These are kind of giant monuments made of painted cardboard and constructed in every quarter of the city which is then burnt after a week of being exhibited.

There are still many more reasons why the region of Valencia is a preferred destination.

If you are those that like peaceful places away from the hustle and bustle of the city and crowds, then you can enjoy one of the many beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca. Or why not enjoy an amazing hike in one of many Natural Parks. There are many medieval towns inland where you can enjoy a gastronomic tour, do a castle tour, or visit one of the major bodegas regions of Spain (called also the Valencian Toscana).

There are plenty of reasons that will convince you to have your next holiday in Valencia. Find yours.

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