Mary Jane Falls in Las Vegas

Mary Jane Falls in Las Vegas

Mary Jane Falls
Mary Jane Falls

The waterfalls attract a huge amount of tourist and locals. While the Las Vegas Hotels wonderfully added the man-made waterfalls element in the pools, we are still attracted to the real waterfalls. And, Mary Jane Falls fits the description.

Mother Nature created a small falls named Mary Jane Falls. Do not expect a heavy flow of waterfalls. It is a seasonal falls. The greatest flow runs on spring time. It is when the snow starts to melt. If we have the chance to see the falls, we better take the chance as the falls may dry up forever.

Located in the Spring Mountain in Southern Nevada, the falls is highly popular destination for tourist and locals. Be ready to see a lot of people in the parking area, picnic area, hiking trails, and lovely falls. Unless the weather is miserable, you will bump into people. So, the falls is not for tourists who seek isolation from busy lives.

There are numerous falls on the trail. There is a Big and Mary Jane Falls. It is up to you which you want to visit. Pets may come along with the tourists and visitors. After all, there are some hotels that allow pets. Each pet friendly Las Vegas Hotel is different. You may want to ask the hotel for the pet policy. Most pets are friendly. They would come to welcome you.

Wear proper attire, shoes, and gears for the light hike. It is a moderate trails. However, there are some parts that can post some difficult. Tourists can easily slip on a sharp incline and loose rocks. You need to be on a watchful eye on what you step on.

Like we said, the trail is a light hike. On a 1.5 mile trail, you can finish the trail in an hour. However, the sharp switchbacks and rocky steps can get you gasping for air if you are out of shape.

The trail markings are all over the place. When you need some direction, you just read the markings. There are plenty of markings on the trail. Before you know it, you are back on track. When you reach the Mary Jane Falls, the beautiful view embraces every hiker. The Big Falls is visible on the south. Behind the Big Falls, the snow-covered Charleston Peak can leave any tourist and visitors speechless with its natural beauty.

The cave at the back of the Mary Jane Falls always interests the tourists and visitors. They always want to explore the cave. The heavy forest and gray limestone cliffs surround the falls.

Follow the simple directions to find the waterfalls. From Las Vegas Hotels, we take I-15 N to 95 N towards Reno. Keep going past the ranger station. The road curves to an old town and lodge. Continue to the right as the road becomes Echo Road. Turn left to the gravel road and park at the trail entrance.

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