The Breath Taking Gardens of Johannesburg

The Breath Taking Gardens of Johannesburg

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve
Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

The well known city of Johannesburg, or Jozi as many of us know it, is quite popularly reputed as the largest city in South Africa and a prosperous life line for the country not only in terms of financial and economic activities but also because it serves as an indispensable crossroad between Cape Town, Durban and Kruger National Park. Hence, Johannesburg traditionally receives a large chunk of its tourists in form of those who use it as a transit city. Building on this strength, the city has added numerous tourist attractions to its already breathtaking landscape over the years. Today, Johannesburg holds all the exhilarating tourist attractions that may be expected of a modern holiday destination.

If you’re booking cheap flights to Johannesburg for your next holiday trip, except to have a truly elating experience as the city’s glitzy and gutsy draws would absolutely sweep you off your feet. While Johannesburg has all the right idea to amuse its guests with various history museums, Large shopping centres, skyscraping buildings, amusement parks, delightfully decorated restaurants and cafes serving delectable meals and a whole larger assortment of attractions, the city is also home to some extremely beautiful gardens. Once you’re in Johannesburg, a visit to these gardens and parks is a must, for it would not only open vistas of nature’s dumb folding beauty upon you but would also prove to be a cherished experience. Let’s have a look at the top few.

Bedford view:

Located only a few minutes from the downtown CBD area, the Bedford view is essentially a leafy suburb in Johannesburg but most part of the area comprises of finely leveled thick grasslands, colorful shades shouldering closely and dancing streams of lake running across these grassland; making it no less beautiful than a Park. The Bedford view is renowned as one of the most sere and beautiful suburbs in Johannesburg, perfect for living in the city but even if one is booking flights to the city for a visit, the enchanting parks of Bedford view are a must visit for their extreme prettiness and soothing aura.

The Zoo Lake:

You probably have already heard of this place as it’s considered one of the most sparkling tourist attractions in Johannesburg. Posing right across the famous Johannesburg zoo, is the ravishing Zoo Lake; a mesmerizing site of twinkling aqua filled within dense and towering trees. The Zoo lake area, being a total paradise, is probably the best place for a family picnic or a romantic date in Johannesburg. Apart from a spell bounding atmosphere that this park possesses, there are a number of interesting activities for visitors to undertake for instance there are a number of restaurants, bowling places and sightseeing spots, built especially to let visitors have an exceptional time out.

The Rose Park-Symbol of Love:

Being a local park on the Rose Street in Lenasia, the Rose Park is one avenue for sheer family entertainment. The park features a dancing fountain, comfortable benches, deliciously serving snack bars, wide screens, Soccer Pitches and a lot more. This is place with its beautiful blend of activities, proves to be an entertaining area for both adults and children alike. Other amnesties of the park include kids’ jungle gym, swings, jogging tracks and round-abouts.

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve:

Be it an adventure pursuit or a desire to explore the various marvels of nature, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is not only a place, but a whole enthralling experience. Spread on approximately 680 acres, this reserve is home to some 150 species of wildlife animals who roam free in this thickly planted land. the corners of the reserves are packed around with humongous peaks often seen peeping through thick clouds. Some of the most eminent animals seen in this reserve include Zebra, Black Wilde bees, Red Hartebeest and Springboks. There are 8 walking trails in Klipriviersberg, varying interms of their difficulty levels to match different abilities. The Reserve is truly an exceptional place for safari tours as well as for discovering the wilderness of Johannesburg’s corners.

In case you’re booking cheap flights to South Africa or any of its other important cities, do not forget to stop by at Johannesburg for a day or two to let your trip have an exciting dimension to it. Other parks in Johannesburg that can make for a pleasurable visit include Rietfontein Nature Reserve and Emmarentia Dam and JHB Botanical Garden.

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