Wonders of the Danube Delta

Wonders of the Danube Delta

Danube Delta
Danube Delta

A natural paradise stretching from the end of the Danube’s 2860 km journey into the Black Sea from the Black Forest Mountains in Germany.

For centuries the Danube’s surface extended because of the silt brought by the river, forming a network of canals, lakes reed covered islands, pastures and sand dunes with a surface almost 5640 square km.

This incredible water world has over three hundred species of birds and countless species of fish, from carp and bass to sturgeons. The flora contains around 1150 species of plants like lianas and oaks and even white and yellow water lilies.

No wonder UNESCO called the Danube Delta a “Reservation of the Biosphere”.

For five thousand years, a small community lived in harmony with the amazing ecosystem of the Delta, gaining their existence with fishing and animal husbandry.

The villages, where the only access paths are “liquid”, seem untouched by the passing of time.

As a visitor, you can explore by boat this amazing refuge, a refuge of amazing calm and grandeur, making you believe you are in a TV show.

The starting point for an adventure in the Danube Delta is usually Tulcea, 300 km from Bucharest, a city almost as old as Rome, situated close to where the three arms of the Danube split.

In Tulcea you will find modern hotels and natural science museums dedicated to the Delta. The city is 71 km (45 miles) from Sulina, a city as old as Tulcea, situated at the other side of the Sulina canal.

Between these two points you can book a cruise, from were the tourists can admire from the comfortable boat decks the wild flora and fauna of the Danube Delta

There are also eighteen protected natural reservations with buffer areas all over the Danube.

You can get there by sailing narrow canals, passing thru flooded forests where pelicans and cormorants gather to catch fish.

If you wish to explore this wild land in peace, you can rent a boat and you can wonder alone thru the small canals. You will need a permit to serve this purpose.

A visit in the villages scattered around the Delta will male you discover the fishermen cooking their own version of Russian bors.

For those with more refined tastes they can try the Danube herring or sturgeon croquettes with a tasty local wine like Aligore, Muscat or Merlot.

This amazing wild land will make you discover lots of amazing new things. A place in the Danube will remain an unforgettable memory from all points of view.

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