Botswana Safari

Botswana Safari

Botswana Safari
Botswana Safari

A safari is not just a holiday. And a luxury safari is not just a safari. It is an experience that you will never forget. A once in a lifetime chance for you and all the family to enjoy the wonder of Africa; and the best Botswana safari for your family will surpass your wildest dreams. Not one of the more traditional destinations for a Safari the remote and untouched wilderness of Botswana gives you the chance to experience Africa as it has been, unchanged, for thousands of years. Whether you explore on foot or by boat or take in the sights and sounds by game vehicle or, for the more adventurous, maybe on horse or elephant back, the result of your experience will always be the same. Awe-inspiring.

The best Botswana safari for your family is the perfect way to teach your children about the wonder of nature in the raw and to see their faces the first time that they see a herd of elephants in the wild, the babies holding onto their mothers tails as they make their way across the plain. And what about the moment that a hippo bobs up to the surface of the river of the Okavango Delta or that menacing slither as a croc slides silently into the water?

King for a day

On your luxury safari you are King and the experiences you have as a family will stay with you forever. Our carefully crafted luxury safaris make sure that every detail is anticipated and catered for, our guides are experienced and can answer all your questions while making sure that your experience is safe at all times. And then, after a dusty day on safari you can relax in the most luxurious of environments Opulent Africa can provide, maybe take a dip in the plunge pool before you eat a sumptuous evening meal. Then slip between the fresh sheets of your comfortable four poster bed for the night and drift off, listening to the noises of the bush around you.

As the world loses species after species to extinction this is an important learning experience for your children so that they will truly appreciate the diversity of the world they live in. And at Opulent Africa we make sure that your Botswana Safari Holiday is enjoyed with sustainability of natural resources in mind.

Rainy season – what rainy season

Botswana does have a rainy season but game is still plentiful at that time, more so in fact as the parched plains come alive with vegetation and animals gather around newly formed watering holes.

The best Botswana safari for your family is the one holiday that your children will remember long after they have grown up. This is what family is all about, making new discoveries together, being moved to tears by the sights and sounds of a different world, enjoying the majesty of an untamed environment together. That is why the best Botswana safari is right for you and your family. The luxury and the attention to detail that comes as standard with your holiday will ensure that this is much more than just a holiday, we know that this will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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