Switzerland Offers A Top Tier Education Program, Natural Beauty, and Diverse Culture

Switzerland Offers A Top Tier Education Program, Natural Beauty, and Diverse Culture

Bern River
Bern River

General Information

Switzerland is an ideal destination for the study abroad student seeking to immerse themselves in a land with a diverse cultural background. Being home to various people with Italian, German, and French backgrounds, as well as those who are native to Switzerland, this country is welcoming to people from all over. The climate of Switzerland is dictated largely by where you are at and what season it is. The study abroad student can enjoy beautiful autumns and springs as well as moderate summers and winters.

Food in Switzerland

For culinary arts majors, studying abroad in Switzerland will give you insight into this country’s eating habits. One cultural tradition when preparing to eat is to make a beautiful table setting to create an atmosphere. The Swiss, like many other cultures, have certain food items that correspond to particulate traditions. For example on Epiphanies Day, which is January sixth, the Swiss enjoy an Epiphanies cake for breakfast.


A person studying economics might study abroad in Switzerland to learn more about the economy, which has developed to suit the capabilities of the country. Switzerland does not produce many resources to export, so the country imports resources to process and sell to other countries. Switzerland is also reliant on other countries to import food, since their farming cannot entirely meet the needs of all the people.

One resource the Swiss work hard to develop is the knowledge of their people. Having no valuable natural resources, Switzerland has worked hard to develop one of the top education systems in the entire world. Studying abroad in a country with one of the world’s best education systems is certainly the opportunity of a lifetime.

Natural Beauty

Being in Switzerland will provide students with an excellent chance to visit one of Europe’s first national parks. Combined of alpine forest, meadows, and rock, this park is host to various animals and flowers that are left uninterrupted by man. Nature lovers won’t want to miss out on the variety of trails and breathtaking views.

Benefits of Participating in a Study Abroad Program

Not only will a study abroad program give you wonderful memories and knowledge about another culture, it will serve to enhance your resume. Employers will find your study abroad experience to demonstrate that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and seek new exciting experiences. Being enveloped in another way of life will offer you insight into your own life, all of which can enrich your performance in any career you pursue.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Students who choose to study in another country for a semester will find that the cost is much more expensive than an ordinary semester. Paying for this experience can be made possible by accessing financial aid or applying for scholarships. Ask your college if they provide any sort of assistance and use online resources to help you locate scholarships.

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