Top Attractions on a Cala Galdana Holiday

Top Attractions on a Cala Galdana Holiday

Cala d'Alcaufar, Menorca
Cala d’Alcaufar, Menorca

If you want to enjoy a great break in the sun by heading to Menorca, then it could well be worth your while arranging a Cala Galdana holiday. This little resort is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy not only sun, sea and sand, but cultural highlights and the unique beauty of Menorca.

But what can you actually expect when you head to this summer holiday paradise? There is plenty to see and do, and below you will find some of the top recommendations.

Hit the Beach

One of the main reasons that people decide to go on a Cala Galdana holiday is that they know there is a fabulous beach awaiting them. In fact, many consider this beach to be one of the most beautiful you are likely to find anywhere in Menorca. With its limestone cliffs and pretty marina, you’ll easily be able to spend a few days doing nothing more energetic than lying on the white sand relaxing and wandering the resort.

See the Horses in Action

Horsemanship is a famous tradition in Menorca, and in Cala Galdana you will be able to see this skill at its best. As you head into the resort, when travelling from Ferreries, you will come across the Club Escola Menorquina, which puts on one of the best horse shows you’re likely to see anywhere in Menorca. Find out before you go when the shows are being held to avoid disappointment, but they are usually held twice a week during the summer months, so there is plenty of opportunity to catch one.

Walk a Gorge

If you are a fan of walking then you’ll be happy enough during your Cala Galdana holiday. For here you will find the mouth of the Algendar Gorge, a dramatic limestone gorge which starts in Ferreries. The river in the gorge flows down into the sea at the beach, and you can even walk a little way into the gorge – although you may find that it is too overgrown to get very far. You may also spot some of Menorca’s beautiful wildlife here, including butterflies, eagles and lizards.

Explore the Country

As well as walking into the gorge, you may also want to go exploring around the region to see some of the spectacular countryside Menorca is famous for. There are plenty of coastal paths to explore, some of which lead to secluded beaches such as Cala Mitjana.

If there was ever an ideal place to enjoy the very best of Menorca, then Cala Galdana is it. This beautiful and peaceful resort has plenty to offer any visitor, so book your Cala Galdana holiday and enjoy a delightful break in the sun.

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